Air Transport Research Laboratories Association


What is Airlabs?

Airlabs has been established in order to co-operate with organisations operating in the air transport system, contribute to problem solving and to optimization of the system itself.

The association aims at representing an useful meeting point among many aspects of air transport system, transferring knowledge and facilitating contacts. Furthermore, it represents a valid partnership for European and worldwide research projects.

The main purpose of the Association shall be to promote and divulge air transport activities as well as research and development, and the increasing of safety in the air transport area.

Where does Airlabs come from

During his long working career at Politecnico di Milano (the most renowned Italian Technical University), professor Renato Picardi has had the opportunity to meet the major Italian and European experts in the different fields of air transport system and to establish fruitful cooperation with them.
He undertook to collect around him part of this expertise and create a scientific association able to operate over the whole of air transport system.


Airlabs. Via Risorgimento 8/B 61032, Fano (PU), Italy.

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